What to wear…

Rule: Any reason to get drunk is always also a reason to get dressed properly (includes New Years Eve).
If any event might even call for evening dress: A classic dinner suit and polished pumps or other formal black shoes…that can be black penny loafers for those who know how to play, but admittedly that’s a fairly loose description.
As most sights resulting from ‘creative’ interpretations of evening wear call for summary executions, it might be more effective to stick to the rules and classics if anyone slipped into dress wear for the first time (the bookshelves and the internet (!) are full of hints and rules for anyone who feels like looking up anything).
Of course, contemporary or even anachronistic elements can be a great thing, but only bearing in mind the universal rule that applies to anything in the galaxy: If it is done well, it is well. If not, not.

The first picture shows an Attolini display that I snapped a while ago during an Attolini trunkshow, though personally I would (and did and do) wear a different type of evening shirt with this rather classic and very formal configuration of a dinner suit (we kindly ignore the pre tied bow tie).
Otherwise it is a beautiful and (in RTW) not that easy to find correct type of evening wear, especially with regards to the waist covering. Obviously, the polished pumps were featured in the opening post where they already (among others) displayed my personal and sometimes anachronistic tastes when it comes to formal wear (though I am used to evening dress that ne doesn’t see in random stores since I were quite young and actually Im not that old yet:) ).


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