Made in England II

Edward Green, one of the great steadies of English shoemaking.
Lets hope they stay that way and that the Harrod’s pop up store, revamped Jermyn Street shop and some new fashionable accents do not lead towards the temptation of qualitative dilution.


Retro Polo Coat

Talking about bespoke restrospectives…
The vintage Rubinaccip polo coat (1940s if I remember correctly) as known from the Rubinacci ‘museum’, The Rake magazine etc…
Image taken a few years ago in the old Naples store in Via Filangieri.

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Bespoke Retrospective

A classic from the, ehm archives:
A bespoke overcoat I had made in ca.2010 from a heavy Harrisons wool/camelhair coating with an awfully demanding cut in the back with two semi-box pleats that function like side vents.

Also pictured: The copious amounts of hand padstichting on the bias-cut canvas (used instead of thick haircloth) and on the lapels, one of those highly fetishised steps of handwork particular to bespoke clothing.

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