Summer brings thirst

As the overall climatic situation improves all over Europe, the warm weather brings us a lot of thirst.
Some have thirst and they fight it with a Martini, others stick to Limoncello or Granita and others just make ties from it.
Always made by hand, always with vintage looks and always with compliments (dedicated to the fighting Dutchman and Red or Dead Moscow infiltrator).

I found a few images of some casual Rubinacci numbers, mostly linnen or cotton and silk blends.

037 040

We deserve this so much!

The Royal Philharmonic Society’s Young Artists’ Award which my great friend, the immensely talented pianist Igor Levit received during the RPS Gala at the Dorchester’s Ballroom in London.
Oh, and another random Cognac Cocktail; that was obviously me (still deserved after being a good boy this term at uni/not even trying to stir my drinks with that Lyra).

A slightly hung-over, post-Gala Igor wearing casual Finamore MTM, contemplating The Telegraph’s most recent article about his work.
To keep the sartorial theme:
Beethoven’s pedal markings which Igor mentions in the interview sometimes cause him to scratch his shoes big-time while performing – but that does not prevent him from wearing handmade footwear.



A detail shot of the  overcoat’s dartless front,  the functional “integrated” semi turn-ups on the sleeves  and Carpincho gloves (and emerald green thick silk lining). And of course, mummy’s ex- silk georgette dress.
Again, thanks to Robert Spangle of TYS for the images.


Mummy’s Scarf

Worn by Your Truly some weeks ago during a casual stroll at London Fashion Week.
Image taken by Robert Spangle of Thousand Yard Style for his portfolio and placed by his courtesy at my disposal.

Talking about quality and sustainability:
The rather decoratively worn scarf is made of rather spongy pure silk Georgette, made (ones more!) from parts of an old dress of my mother. Highly delicate silk prints of such a high quality that they easily might get a second life after years or even decades without having faded…where’s the quality gone?

Practically all the rest is bespoke, NB the dartless overcoat with somewhat Edwardian (and cut wise complex) “semi box pleated side vents” and functional half-turn ups on the sleeves. The lack of any shoulder pads and shirt-sleeve style set sleeves on a piece made by a German tailor also defy the one or other dogma about “Spalla Whatsoever” etc.
Gloves are custom and don’t have a STD despite looking so, but are made of forest green Carpincho leather and unlined (with an elongated shaft; no pun intended).

TYS_0737 TYS_0741